4 Things You Need To Know When You Market Your Product To The Lds Sector

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I designed and developed this cute line of dresses for the LDS market a few years ago but I never produced it. My youngest daughter Karla was only a few months old when I decided to design it and start LOLABELEN as an apparel line for the Modest LDS women market (specifically in Utah). LOLA doesn’t mean anything too special, it’s just a Spanish name that I’m particularly fond of.

We were going to name Karla “Lola”, in fact, it took us so long to decide that after many weeks and roughly 500 names later we finally decided on Karla, and it felt just right.

I hope you enjoyed that little story about my youngest. She changed my life around when she came into this world, and looking back I’m not surprised why at the time I decided to hold off on the idea of starting a new company.

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, there is nothing that will really stop you correct?

As you might’ve known, I’ve assisted in many Modest Apparel companies in which you can read more about it here: https://mabelmontalva.net/find-success-first-starting/

So through all my exposure to the market, I have learned a few things about this particular sector. One important factor is cost. This market favors inexpensive prices so if your plan is to offer product to this sector you should be prepared to compete with fast turn around for a wide variety of styles at very inexpensive prices – bottom line. This market also loves a Direct Marketing Strategy. For example, if LDS American women generally understand the importance of mothers staying at home to raise their children then any company that offers them the possibility to work at home and still make money, they will most likely consider.

In conclusion, I think on average women love to feel beautiful in modest clothing so anything you offer should always reflect these 4 words: beautiful, practical, modest and cheap.


If you’ve been thinking about starting a new women’s apparel line for the Modest sector then I can help!  I love to design and develop products that have some sort of it’s own unique functionality or a very particular concept. If you’ve ever thought about developing your own collection and/or product, I would be more than happy to help. I will walk you through the entire product development process, and my services will include apparel technical design, patternmaking, sample making, gradings, tech packs and all that you need to start your own line. I have extensive fabric knowledge to help you make the best choices for your pieces and I will help you determine if your project fits USA production standards or overseas production. Go ahead and email me with your project or comment on this post.

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